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Phil has been fly fishing for over 35 years. His love of fly fishing has taken him across North and South America pursuing trout, Atlantic and Pacific salmon, char, pike, walleye, and numerous other species on the fly. Phil is probably best known for his stillwater exploits.

A former commercial fly tyer, Phil has written for almost every major fly-fishing publication in North America. He has authored four books including his recently released Orvis Guide to Stillwater Trout Fishing along with numerous feature articles. Phil has been the fly-tying columnist for B.C. Outdoors Magazine for over ten years. His first book, Fly Patterns for Stillwaters, is a best seller. In 2014, Phil was the proud recipient of a Lifetime Achievement Award from Fly Tyer magazine, and in 2017 the Jean-Guy Cote award for his contribution to Canadian fly tying.

In addition to his writing, Phil has five instructional DVD’s. Recently Phil began providing online learning through his Stillwater Academy. Phil was also a competitive fly fisher. He was a member of the gold medal-winning team at the 2017 Canadian Fly-Fishing championships.

When he isn’t on the water, Phil travels North America performing at outdoor shows, providing seminars, speaking to fly clubs, conducting fly-fishing schools and fly-tying clinics. Phil also provides instructional stillwater guiding on the lakes located a short distance from his Edmonton area home.
Phil has appeared on several T.V. shows, including B.C. Outdoors Sports Fishing, Sports Fishing Adventures, The New Fly Fisher, Sport Fishing B.C., Fishing Alberta, Let’s Go Outdoors, and Fishing with Shelly and Courtney. Make a point of visiting or following Phil on-line at or and through his social media channels, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Willie Holmes

Willie Holms

Willie has been a Qualified Flycasting Instrucaor for over 20 years, he holds the FFI (Fly Fishers International ) THMCI , MCI and is a level 3 examiner also a Game angling instructors association - APGAI single handed and double hand qualified fishing instructor.
He has had a lifetime obsession of chasing the take all over the world and loves all forms of fishing. He is the manager of Pacific Rivers Outfitting Company here in Chilliwack and offers Flycasting lessons and clinics / schools in all levels of Flyfishing,from beginner to advanced and is a qualified mentor for those looking to become a certified instructor.

Deb Paskall


Being raised on a saltwater beach in British Columbia, Canada, Deb Paskall has been fishing most of her life.  She grew up at a marina her folks operated on the Sunshine Coast. In 1997,  she ditched her mooching gear, and started fishing with a fly rod. In 2004, Deb began to learn how to tie flies.  She design patterns and tie traditionals flies for all species of trout and salmon, as well as walleye, pike and bass and steelhead flies. She fishes saltwater, freshwater, moving water, still water, estuaries, and euro nymphs and fishes small streams. In 2007-2009 she was a member of Team Mustang for Canada and got a taste of the competitive fly fishing scene.  She has developed a number of fly patterns, especially for rainbow trout, cutthroat trout (Coastal and Westslope) and Pacific salmon (Coho, Pinks, Chum, Sockeye and Springs).

Brian Chan

Brian chan

Brian Chan has been an avid stillwater fly fisher and fly tier for over 35 years. Brian is a professional fisheries biologist who for the past 30 years managed small lake recreational fisheries as well as promoting and marketing freshwater fishing in the province of British Columbia.

Brian is also a fly fishing author, video producer, lecturer and angling guide. Some of his more recent works include the books Morris and Chan on Fly Fishing Trout Lakes, Stillwater Solutions Recipes – 30 proven patterns by Brian Chan and Phil Rowley, numerous articles for BC Outdoors magazine and the DVD Expert Techniques for Stillwater Fly Fishing.

Dennis Gamboa

Dennis Gamboa

Dennis Gamboa,  is Professional  Commercial tyer. He has been commercially tying flies for over 30 years and teaching fly-tying classes for over 25 years to the fishing community in beautiful British Columbia. He is renowned for his original takes on current and timeless fly patterns. He is a valued member of numerous PRO Teams worldwide, solidifying his global recognition and impact in the fly tying community.

John Kent

John Kent

After 30 years of commercial tying, 12 years of managing fishing resorts and being associated with several charities John has had the good fortune of creating many original fly patterns that are appreciated and used throughout western North America

Brandon Molzhan

Brandon M

Growing up in the beautiful Okanagan Valley, Brandon has been immersed in all things outdoors since a very early age. In recent years his passion has progressed into fly tying, diving head first into insect life cycles and creating imitative patterns that not  only catch fisherman's eyes but produce results.

Mark Yodagawa

Mark Yodogawa (002)

John Wilkinson


I have been avid fisherman for the last 35 years, pursuing all sorts of species BC has to offer. We have owned a cabin in the interior near Logan lake since 1974. In the mid 90’s I turned my focus to fly fishing and wanted to learn all aspects that it can offer. Once I started to learn the effectiveness of indicator fishing and how to cast and retrieve I started to enter the Trojan Pond Fundraising derby’s on Highland Valley Copper mine for fun and put my experience against some of the best rods in BC. I soon realized I had a lot more to learn and as the years went buy I decided to enter the BC Competition league to further my knowledge. I can tell you in a short time learning and fishing with the likes Gordon Bacon, Peter Huyghebaert, Todd Oishi, Randy Paskall and so many more like them, it improved my skills as a competitor and a recreational angler. I worked my way to the top of the BC League and near the top of the Canadian national points ranking while also being a captain along the way. This has allowed me to be selected for international competions representing Canada! I have competed in the United States, New Zealand, Scotland and here in Canada. Last year I was greatly honored to be named Captain of the Canadian team competing at the Commonwealth flyfishing championships in Scotland and also to be named captain/coach of our first ever Canadian Women’s flyfishing team competing at the World’s Masters/Women’s flyfishing competition in Kamloops last fall. The women gave Canada its first ever team medal finish in an International competition with a silver medal and was so proud of their accomplishments as a team.

Brian Hamanishi

Brian "Flyfishaholic" Hamanishi has been fly fishing and fly tying for 27+ years. He fishes both rivers and lakes for various different species and has competed in both the BC Flyfishing Championships and the North American Loch Style Championships. Along with his fishing partner Mark Yodogawa, he ties custom flies under the name BCflytieguys, which has been featured on Mark Hopley's Flyfishing97 podcast.