Ben Fougere

Ben Fougere was introduced to kokanee fishing by a friend over six years ago and immediately enjoyed the challenge of trying to land one of these great tasting fish.  To accelerate his learning process, Ben created a family orientated Facebook group called Kokanee Fishing BC. The page offers a platform for anglers of all levels of experience to share tips and techniques to put more kokanee on the dinner table.  Over the years, Ben has combined a broad range of techniques and products to effectively catch kokanee throughout the year.

The Fougere Family started kokanee fishing with two fishing rods and a rental boat. Now they fish for kokanee out of a 14ft Lund (which is starting to get small for his growing family). Being limited on space, he makes full use of Scotty downriggers, rod holders and other Scotty accessories to be effective and efficient while on the water.

Bringing anglers together to learn about kokanee fishing in British Columbia has been a rewarding endeavor. The Fougere Family also enjoys sharing their own experiences with others, both on Facebook as well as on their YouTube channel, Fougere Family Adventures. Ben continues to help people learn about this great tasting renewable resource that we have so close to home.

Come down to the show and join Ben in a discussion about kokanee fishing.  Ben will walk through a variety of techniques and tackle that are helping British Columbians catch more kokanee.