Tammy Wood

Tammy Wood is the host of Sossy Outdoors and Saucy’s Got Game. She is also a wild game and seafood chef, column writer, author, Cabela’s Pro Staff, Browning Firearms Ambassador, and Master Chef Canada finalist!


Tammy is an avid outdoorswoman with a deep rooted passion for hunting, fishing, and cooking wild game. She is a celebrity chef, best known for her Top 8 achievement on Master Chef Canada. She is also an author of her own Wild Game cookbooks, a food editor for BC Outdoors magazine, and the host of her own tv show, Sossy Outdoors, featuring the hunting and fishing and cooking lifestyle.


“I’m a passionate chef who embraces everything there is about the outdoors. Hunting, fishing, and being a role model for my children and fans is very important to me. I love creating Wild Game recipes that truly capture the taste, flavour, and essence of organic, wild, sustainable meat. I succeed in anything I put my heart into and I think that’s what separates me from others. I have an abundance of passion, focus and determination in life. I enjoy sharing my knowledge of cooking, and everything outdoors.” — Tammy Wood